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Musical Instruments


Looking for a musical instrument? Oakwood Jewellery Pawn Shop is the best place to buy top quality instruments at great prices . Need cash to make it to payday? Your guitar might be just the ticket. Need to cover that emergency car repair? We can offer you cash for your violin, trumpet or drum. We’re proud to serve our customers in any way possible, and that includes buying, trading and selling. We have all of the top brands and our inventory changes daily!


We want to be your preferred pawn shop, and that means we’re interested in things beyond the instruments themselves. Got stage lighting or an amplifier? We’re interested. From rock ‘n roll to band instruments to accessories and tools, we buy, sell and trade it all.

How it Works?

We know that emergencies happen all the time. All it takes is a flat tire or an accident at home, and those bills start to mount. We’re happy to offer our customers pawn loans for all types of musical instrument, gear and accessories. Bring in your stuff and one of our expert staff will inspect it and offer you a reasonable price. If you're looking to pawn, we’re happy to help as well.


Want to know if your guitar, trombone, trumpet or drum set will sell? Drop by to our shop today or give us a call at (647) 282 1549.

Some of the Musical Instruments we are interested:

Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Jackson, Epiphone, Pearl, Tama, Ludwig, Pianos, Equipment, Cellos, Violins




About Us
Get top dollar for your items now—visit Toronto’s friendliest and most trustworthy jeweller today! At Oakwood Jewellery Pawn Shop, we’re paying top dollar for your broken, used and unwanted items, including gold, silver, platinum, watches, cell phones, and more!

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